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Peace of mind with the gift of time

Companionship - peace of mind visits with your loved ones in the hospital or in long term care by providing companionship and assistance.  We are there to:

- listen;

- interact;

- read a book or newspaper;

- puzzles;

- write cards or letters;

- go for walks;

- play cards;

- visit and talk;

- show genuine kindness.

Companionship $25. per hour.  Schedule a block of time for peace of mind visits with your loved ones in a morning or afternoon on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis!  We will report back to family members on our visits.

10 tips to help you communicate with a person who has dementia:

1. Approach the person from the front - If they are seated, go down to that level

2. Identify yourself - Tell them your name and offer to help

3. Maintain eye contact - It will help them focus on what you are saying

4. Address the person by name - Speak slowly and clearly

5. Present one idea at a time - It will help them understand

6. Repeat or rephrase the person's responses - This can help clarify what they are trying to tell you

7. Ask "yes" or "no" questions - Allow time for a response

8. Use gestures - They can help back up your words

9. Listen actively - Acknowledge their emotional state

10. Let the person know if you are going to touch them - It prevents startling them