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Family Council is an autonomous, self-governed group of volunteers, specifically family and friends of residents in Long Term Care Homes, whose common goal is the enhancement of quality care for the residents.

The Ontario Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 encourages the establishment of a Family Council in each Long Term Care Home.

There are 720 Long Term Care Homes in Ontario, 60 of them in the Champlain Region.

Champlain Region Family Council Network (CRFCN) works to bring about improvements in the lives of residents and in the quality of care in Long Term Care Homes in the Champlain Region:

- Support existing Family Councils by encouraging and assisting the development of new ones;

- Organize meetings, conferences and other events that enable Family Councils to exchange ideas and experiences, share areas  of concern and solutions, and work constructively with the administrators and staff of their Long Term Care Homes;

- Advocate vigorously for positive change in Long-Term Care;

- Partner with other organizations to strengthen the voice of Family Councils and families and to identify opportunities for collaboration;

- Build productive relationships with many other organizations in the Long Term Care and dementia fields;

- Meet regularly with the leadership of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network and with local MPPs;

- Make strong representations to the Government of Ontario during its annual pre-budget consultations.

Interested in getting involved or learning more about Family Councils and the Champlain Region Family Council Network, please visit their blog site at: 

Email:  [email protected]